Canadian Brightness​


We are consultants to architects, builders, owners, and consumers in the field of lighting. With our knowledge, experience, facilities, and commitment we will help you choose the best lighting design and equipment for your projects.

Lighting Design

Our sophisticated calculations and software simulations will provide you with the most specialized lighting designs in two and three dimensions. We consider the complete details in all design elements, including user needs, environmental beauty, and optimal energy use. Our choice of lighting design software is dependent on your purpose.

Products Supply

Over sixteen years of experience with producing and supplying lighting equipment has enabled us to design, produce, and supply a variety of lighting products tailored to your needs, design, and budget. Canada Art Light, in collaboration with major European, American, Canadian, and Asian companies offers a wide range of interior and exterior lighting products.

Installation Management

In order to ensure that the proper installation of products is in accordance with manufacturers’ standards, national laws, and design principles Canada Art Light provides installation management and supervision services in collaboration with certified companies and highly trained contractors.

What Distinguishes Us?

We do an ‘A TO Z’ lighting process. This includes consulting, professional lighting design based on desired products, product supply, installation, and after sales services. Consequently, you will enjoy a unique experience of lighting design tailored exclusively to your needs.

Lighting Design Process


Receiving and reviewing customer needs and requirements


Project visit


Create Primary ideas and designs


Final simulation and design


Preparation of lighting control system


Choosing appropriate products and suppliers


Delivering executive plans, layouts and products list


Monitoring and managing installation