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Magnetic track lights, also known by various names such as multitrack lights, magnet lights, magnetic rail lights, built-in lights, magnetic light systems, and flexible rail systems, are commonly employed in the interior design of buildings. These lights are easily installed and movable, allowing for versatile use in lighting systems across various environments.

Canolight magnetic lights system integrates magnetic and rail lights with a 24-volt power source, which can be incorporated as recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended from ceilings and walls, depending on the intended use. Spotlights (providing concentrated light), linear lights, pendant lights, wall washers, and numerous other lighting options offer three layers of illumination, including general, accent, and task lighting. These lights can be effortlessly installed on the rail and adjusted based on changes in the spatial layout.

Featuring diverse body colors and color temperatures (CCT), these lights empower designers to create distinct layers of light. This lighting approach establishes a versatile platform ready to accommodate various types of lights.

The aluminum rails are produced with powder coating in lengths of one, two, and three meters with copper strings that are isolated inside the profile, transmitting voltage throughout the rail. The magnet, responsible for securing the light in the profile groove, ensures uniform and secure connection of copper strings to the light heads.

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